Sometimes your car’s engine may need a little bit more than an oil change… That’s ok, because Complete Car Care of Encinitas can do the necessary repairs and save you money with quality, guaranteed service that will keep the car running smooth. After all, the engine is without a doubt the most important part of your vehicle. It acts as a heart for your car, making sure all of the gasoline that is pumping into the tank is turned into mechanical energy. This ensures that your vehicle has the energy necessary to move, and to move well.
From tune-ups to timing belts – if it’s under your hood; our expert technicians will handle it. And if it’s a diesel engine we are experts too.
At Complete Car Care of Encinitas, we can correctly diagnose your engine trouble and repair it efficiently and economically!
So call today for an appointment or use the appointment form on this website, and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with putting your car in the hands of qualified and experienced technicians.

Our services include:
Engine Replacement Gas & Diesel
Engine Replacement through Major Manufactures
Timing Chain & Timing Belt Service
Valve Work, Valve Grinding, and Cylinder Head Repairs
Engine Oil Leaks: diagnose, clean, and recommended repairs
Internal Gaskets
Oil Pump
Oil pan gasket repair
Valve cover gasket repair