Q: do you do brake service ?
A: yes we perform brake inspection and provide you with an estimate.

Q: What is an electrical diagnostic ?
A: An electrical diagnostic checks the starting sytem or any malfunction to the electrical system of the vehicle.

Q: What happens if i have a brake noise ?
A: Its best to bring the vehicle to a service center to get a brake inspection.

Q: Do you have a Mercedes master technician ?
A: yes, we service Mercedes master technician on board. 

Q: Do you perform smog inspections ?
A: yes, we are a state license smog inspection station.

Q: Do you perform oil changes ?
A: Yes, we perform oil changes on many makes and models.

Q: Do you perform any Air Condition service ?
A: Yes, perform A/C services on all kinds of vehicles.

Q: Can you resurface my brake rotors ?
A: Yes, on some vehicles the brake rotors can be resurfaced if they are thick enough.

Q: What should i do when my check engine light comes on ?
A: A check engine light is a warning light that needs to be diagnosed.

Q: When do i need a tire rotation on my vehicle ?
A: It is recommended to get a tire rotation every 5000 to 10000 miles.

Q: When do i need maintenance of my vehicle ?
A: All vehicle manufacturers recommend a service every 5000- 10000 miles or whn your service light comes on.

Q: Do you offer any warranty on your repairs performed ?
A: Yes, warranty most of our repairs for 3 years/36,000 miles which ever comes first.

Q: Are your technicians ASE certified ?
A: Yes, our technicians are ASE certified in different repairs.

Q: How do you handle emergency repairs or breakdowns ?
A: We send a tow truck out to retrieve your vehicle and start any required repairs.

Q: Are you able to perform repairs on hybrid or electrical vehicles ?
A: yes perform all kinds of repairs and maintenance on hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Q: Can you provide a detailed explanation of the repair process ?
A: We will provide you with a digital inspection that includes detailed explanation and educational videos on the repair.

Q: What is your policy on repairs that do not fix the problem ?
A: We will either return your money or warranty the repair and try again.

Q: How do you handle vehicle recalls or manufacturer service bulletins ?
A: We subscribe to all manufacturers bulletins, and keep our customers informed by sending them to the specified dealership.

Q: What is your policy on missed appointments or cancelations?
A: we can accommodate you to come in at your convenience or cancel the appointment completely without any problems.

Q: Can you provide a breakdown on the labor and parts costs ?
A: yes, all our estimates break down the parts and labor costs.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for regular customers.
A: yes, we send them coupons and specials every three month.

Q: Are you a member of the Costco Auto program ?
A: Yes , we are preferred service center for Costco members.

Q: What are your hours of operation ?
A: we are open Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 05:00 PM

Q: Why do i need to change my coolant in my vehicle ?
A: Most vehicle manufacturers recommend the coolant to be changed between 60,000 to 100,000 miles

Q: Why is my AC running hot ?
A: Your vehicle might need an AC service because your freon has run out.

Q: What is a quality oil filter for my car ?
A: We recommend the aftermarket wix oil filter.

Q: How fast can you service my vehicle ?
A: depending on the nature of the service, we usually have a turn around time of one day.

Q: Do you provide a shuttle for your customers ?
A: yes, we provide rides and pick up our customers to and from their residence. 

Q: Do you provide rental cars to your customers ?
A: In case it is a major repair, we provide a rental for up to three days to our customers.

Q: How do i know if my vehicle is overheating ?
A: The vehicle is overheating when you see your temperature gauge going all the way to red, you must pull over and stop your vehicle.

Q: What languages are spoken at your shop ?
A: We have Spanish and German speakers that can help you with the repair process.

Q: Do you service European vehicles ?
A: yes, we work on all European vehicles.

Q: Do you do any transmission work ?
A: Yes, we diagnose and replace transmissions.

Q: Do you repair or change engines on vehicles ?
A: In case your engine ceases, we can change your engine for you.

Q: Do you replace hybrid batteries ?
A: Yes we perform hybrid battery replacements.

Q: Do you perform any ADAS Caliberations ?
A: we are doing any dynamic Caliberations. 

Q: Do you have a Nationwide warranty  ?
A: Yes we work with Technet which covers your warranty nation wide.

Q: Are you competitively priced ?
A: Many of our repairs and services are very competitive.

Q: Do you tires ?
A: we do tires, alignments and rotation and balancing.

Q: How experienced are your technicians ?
A: Most of our technicians have 10-20 years experience in various repairs are either factory trained or certified.

Q: Do you provide senior discounts ?
A: yes we do give senior discounts.

Q: Do you give any discounts to active military personal ?
A: Yes, we have military discounts.

Q: Do you perform any vehicle software updates ?
A: Yes, we perform software updates on various vehicles.

Q: Do you do any body work ?
A: No, we refer you to a body shop.

Q: Do you repair any stereo or navigation on vehicles ?
A: Yes, we do on a limited basis.

Q: Do you pick up and deliver vehicles for repairs ?
A: Yes, we do on a limited basis.

Q: Do you service or repair diesel vehicles ?
A: Yes, we have a diesel technician that can perform those repairs.

Q: do you do any brake and light inspections ?
A: No, we will refer you to one nearby.

Q: Do you smog older vehicles
A: yes, we are a Star Station, where we perform emission tests and also repair the ones that have failed the test.

Q: Are you a CarMax warranty repair facility ?
A: yes, we perform many CarMax vehicle warranties that are directed to our repair shop.

Q: How can i make an appointment at your shop ?
A: You can either call us or go to our website at www.http://completecarcare318.com 

Q: How can i tow my vehicle to your shop ?
A: Call our customer line and make an appointment and if you have AAA, you can have towed to our shop 24/7.

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