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Shock and Struts Service

Shock and Struts Service

The suspension on your car is made up of many components, including a set of springs that absorb bumps and road impact, a set of struts that support your springs, and a set of shocks (short for shock absorbers) that limit the bounce your car experiences by absorbing residual movement in suspension springs.

Without properly maintained struts and shocks an unexpected pothole, or even a gravel road, can actually cause the wheels of a vehicle to bounce off of the ground, which can easily lead to loss of control and collision.

Shocks and struts are two components of your suspension system that keep your vehicle balanced and riding smoothly with all four wheels on the road. We recommend regular shock and strut inspections to maintain excellent car handling characteristics. Vehicle manufacturers recommend shocks to be replaced at 70,000 miles. Blown shocks and struts can cause a vehicle to handle unsafely. Let the experts at Complete Car Care Encinitas do a full inspection of the suspension system of your car. Make the appointment now and keep your driving safe and smooth.

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