Transmission Services

Transmission Services

Did you known that over 11 million transmissions fail each year due to lack of maintenance alone? Let Complete Car Care Encinitas replace your present filter and fluid now. Clean fluid and a new filter can help extend the life of your car’s transmission. How often should you service the transmission? Most manufacturers recommend a 12 month or 12,000 mile service to help you avoid costly future repairs.

And when your car’s transmission gives you problems, there’s no better place to take it than Complete Car Care Encinitas. What are the symptoms of transmission trouble?

  • Your vehicle will not move.
  • Your vehicle experiences problems shifting gears.
  • The transmission seems to be slipping.
  • The transmission is making unusual noises.
  • Transmission fluid is leaking.
  • Your manual transmission grinds while shifting.
  • The clutch is slipping.
  • The check engine light comes on.
  • Your car or truck makes a jerking movement, or the engine seems to be surging.

The last transmission fluid change for your car or truck was more than a year ago. The best way to get your transmission fixed right starts with the right diagnostic. We know that the first step towards fixing your transmission is determining what the problem is

Our technicians are skilled specialists who use their expertise and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot, saving you time and money. Our certified technicians have dedicated years to repairing all of your vehicle’s major systems and give you the same peace of mind servicing and repairing the most complicated system in your car: the transmission. Complete Car Care Encinitas gives you expert service at prices much lower than what dealers charge.

Complete Car Care of Encinitas transmission services include:

  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Automatic Transmission Internal Repairs
  • Automatic Transaxle Service
  • Manual Transmission Service and Repair
  • Clutch & Pressure Plate Service
  • Hydraulic Master Cylinder & Slave Cylinder Repairs
  • Transmission service
  • Transmission rebuild
  • Transmission flush
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