5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Your car shouldn't produce noises it's not designed to. That's why awkward sounds occurring without an apparent reason could imply that you have your vehicle checked by a professional. Noises that should prompt you to seek assistance from a car repair expert include squealing, knocking, rumbling or rattling, hissing, and clicking.

Your car may also have a problem if it's producing a rhythmic banging sound. Read on to discover why these sounds can threaten your driving safety.


A squealing sound may be due to your vehicle's brakes having inadequate padding, especially if you observe the noise inside the car. You should seek professional assistance promptly since the problem could lead to brake failure in the future if left unresolved. Squealing noises may also indicate a loose belt within the engine compartment. You should seek solutions promptly as the issue may impact your vehicle's performance.


You may need to visit your nearest auto repair shop for professional solutions if you hear a knocking sound that becomes more consistent as you drive. The noise often arises due to ignition-related problems, specifically the presence of fuel inside the cylinder.

Rumbling or Rattling

A rumbling noise shows that there may be a hole in your vehicle's muffler. A worn-out muffler can allow car fumes to enter your vehicle, which can be dangerous. That's why you should seek solutions immediately if you observe rumbling or rattling noises from your automobile.


These noises are often the result of fluid leaking onto the hot parts of your car's engine, catalytic converter issues, or coolant and vacuum leaks. You should seek the advice of a car repair professional promptly to prevent further damage to your vehicle's interior components.


A popping sound is always a matter of concern, and it can be unsettling if it occurs while you're driving. Exhaust leaks are often the main culprit behind the noise. You should schedule a service for your vehicle under such circumstances since engine exhaust leaks typically arise due to dirty air filters.

Whichever noise you hear, you're welcome to bring your vehicle to Complete Car Care Encinitas for inspection and repair services.

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