5 Signs It's Time for a Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, also known as tire alignment, is the process of adjusting the angle at which the wheels make contact with the road surface by aligning the suspension system. Accidents or rough driving can wreak havoc on your vehicle's suspension components and offsets the alignment. Properly aligned wheels are essential for optimal and safe vehicle operations.

5 Signs of Bad Wheel Alignment

Identifying the signs of poor wheel alignment and getting it fixed is vital to keep the driveability safe and stable. Here are 5 signs that should prompt you to get the wheels of your vehicle properly aligned.

Irregular Wear of Tires

If you notice patchy or uneven worn areas on your car's wheels, it indicates that your wheels are misaligned and should be fixed promptly to avoid further tire damage.

Off Centre Steering Wheel

The steering wheel remains straight while driving on a leveled road. It is a sign of misalignment if your steering wheel is skewed to the right or left and signifies a need for wheel alignment.

Steering Pull

The steering wheel requires the least effort to keep the car driving straight on an even road. Malaligned wheels will cause the vehicle to swerve in one direction or the other. If you experience the steering pull, get the wheel alignment of your vehicle checked and corrected.

Vibrating or Loose Steering Wheel

You should consult an auto mechanic if you encounter any vibrations or looseness in the steering wheel as it is a safety hazard and results from poor wheel alignment.

Squealing of Tires

It is time to get your vehicle checked if the tires release a squealing noise while taking turns or accelerating the vehicle. This happens due to uneven tire wear resulting from misaligned wheels.

Why is Wheel Alignment Necessary?

If the wheels are not aligned, the driver requires more force while driving, which results in poor control and handling of the vehicle. This unnecessary force also causes damage to other vehicle systems such as brakes, steering system, etc. Adequately aligned tires are more efficient and therefore improves fuel efficiency. Additionally, wheel alignment protects the tire tread from uneven wear and increases its life span.

We invite you to visit our auto repair shop today to get expert help for any wheel alignment issues in your vehicle.

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