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10 Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs Service

Complete Car Care is the go-to choice for auto repair in both Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Rancho Santa Fe. Our auto mechanics are experts are troubleshooting your vehicle, as they can identify the underlying cause of almost any issue. Due to their experience in auto repair, our team can predict when your car is in need of service. Here are ten warning signs that your vehicle needs service: Squeaky or soft breaks. When you come to a stop, it should be quiet and firm. If it’s making noise or the pedal feels soft, this can indicate a problem with your brake pads or more severe of an issue, the rotors or calipers. Don’t wait on this one. It’s not only a safety issue, but it’s also a cost issue. The longer you wait, the more damage, the more expensive. Liquids under your vehicle. Your oil and coolant are not supposed to be under your car. They’re supposed to be in it, and if there’s a deviation from that, it’s time to get it checked before you find ... read more


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