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Which Gas or Fuel Is Best For My Car?

So, you are low on fuel and what do you do? You find a gas station that is either close by, has the lower price, or is adjacent to the shopping center. That’s normal. But which gas or fuel is best for your car? Most people do not understand the differences between fuel octane ratings. Is Regular or Premium fuel better for your engine? If you’re not sure, check your Owner's Manual or seek advice from the friendly auto mechanics at Complete Car Care in Encinitas. When most people choose Costco, they may do so because the gas is cheaper or it’s convenient. But they often don’t understand what type of gas they’re getting. They’re getting gas that is often 30% Ethanol, which causes more damage to your car. Ethanol wrecks the insides of your car, and most people don’t realize this. Ethanol is supposed to be environmentally friendly, but it's not. Chevron often has the best quality fuel, and their prices reflect that. Shell, Mobil, and Che ... read more


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