How Often Should I Replace My Oil Filter?

Oil filters are responsible for keeping harmful contaminants away from the engine and improving oil flow. In other words, it helps motor oil flow freely and cleanly throughout the engine to keep the components lubricated. Understanding how the oil filter works will help you understand why you should never skip this step during your oil change. 

What Do Oil Filters Do?
Oil filters collect all kinds of dirt, sand, debris, and metal fragments that are floating in the engine. After some time, these particles can increase wear and tear on your engine parts, leading to premature damage. The oil filter collects these contaminants and limits them from getting in the way of your engine performance. 

When Should You Replace the Oil Filter?
You should change the oil filter at every oil service. When they are done together, it makes things easier to remember. It also makes sense since the two maintenance services go together. Please refer to your owner’s manual for specific oil change intervals.

Signs That Indicate Your Oil Filter is No Longer Effective

  • Acceleration problems - overall weak engine performance
  • Metallic noises - knocking, clanking, etc.
  • Drop in oil pressure - oil pressure warning light may illuminate. It looks like a thermometer dipped in liquid.
  • Dark exhaust smoke - gray or black
  • Dirty motor oil - dark and gritty oil on the dipstick
  • Oil leak - dark fluid puddles under parked car

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