How To Find Mindfulness While Driving In Heavy Traffic

Does driving in heavy traffic sometimes make you lose your cool? Okay, let’s be honest. Do you get easily ticked off while driving around Encinitas, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe, and the entire San Diego region? At Complete Car Care in Encinitas, we understand your frustration. That’s why instead of focusing on how our auto mechanics perform top auto repair services, we will discuss how to find mindfulness while driving in heavy traffic.

Driving looks and feels easy, but constant distractions make commuting harder. There are a lot of gadgets inside the car, such as your GPS, playlists on your phone, the radio or CD player, your power cables, your dashboard lights, and text messages. There are distractions happening outside of the vehicle as well, like erratic drivers, brake lights, pedestrians crossing the street, motorcyclists, road signs, people waving signs, and you trying to read hard-to-find addresses. How can you ignore these ongoing distractions and find peace behind the wheel?

If you meditate -- or try to meditate -- the goal is to clear your mind. If you attempt to enter a calm, meditative state while driving and you focus on safety, you may find that driving becomes easier and less stressful. Here are six ideas to help you gather your wits and remain focused on safe driving:


  • Enter your destination details into the navigation system before putting the car in drive.

  • Reduce time on the phone.

  • Presume positive intent from other drivers because they probably didn’t know they made a mistake.

  • If other drivers enter your lane, drive too fast, run a stop sign, or act aggressively, practice forgiveness. If you can’t forgive them, take several deep breaths.

  • Send blessings to other drivers by saying “Be safe out there.”, “Have a wonderful day!”, and “Blessings on your journey.” Even though they may not hear you when the windows are rolled up, this gesture can reduce your own stress levels.

  • Avoid recreational drugs, beverages, or edibles that could affect your attention and reaction times. Yes, even a large soda can be a distraction if it spills inside your car. Skip the pot-laden cookie as well.

  • Make sure your vehicle is in top operating condition and has plenty of fuel. A smoothly running car with a full tank can greatly reduce driving stress.

And be sure to bring your car down to Complete Car Care in Encinitas, CA, next to Carlsbad and Santa Fe. Make an appointment for routine maintenance or auto repair today! Our team of talented, skilled, and experienced auto mechanics has you covered for all your auto repair needs.


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