Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Water Pump Repair

The water pump plays a major role in the vehicle cooling system. It ensures coolant flows in and out of the engine to keep it at an optimal running temperature. Therefore, a failing water pump can put your engine at risk of serious damage. If you’re wondering how to tell if you need water pump repairs or replacement, keep on reading.

Leaking Coolant

The water pump carries coolant and ensures the motor gets a sufficient flow of it from the radiator. Over time, the seals on it can wear out and crack. That is why you might find coolant leaking from the water pump. If you notice a coolant puddle underneath your car, please bring your car to Complete Car Care Encinitas. 

Rusty Water Pump

With old age, the metal on the water pump can corrode and rust. Rust tends to go unnoticed especially if you don’t have the cooling system regularly inspected. For older vehicles, please have your water pump checked for leaks. 

Bad Drive Belt or Pulley

In most vehicles, the water pump gets is powered by the serpentine belt. If the pulley or the belt is damaged, it can cause your water pump to stop working. If you notice the sounds of a slipping belt, please have your vehicle repaired at our shop soon.

Fortunately, water pump repairs are easy peasy for the experienced team at Complete Car Care Encinitas. If you suspect that your water pump is on its way, please visit our auto repair shop for repairs. We will have your vehicle back on the road in no time.

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