Types of Car Fluid Leaks

There are many different types of fluids that your car may emit occasionally. Luckily, most shouldn't worry you, but some may need you to act promptly for your safety and the durability of your vehicle.

Below are some common types of car fluid leaks and a few pointers to help you know what they are before going to your local auto repair technician.

Oil Leaks

A black puddle under your vehicle is often a sign of an oil leak. Oil leaks typically occur in gaskets and the oil pan inside the engine. If you notice an oil leak, it may be due to broken gaskets, which your nearest auto repair professional can fix upon request.

Coolant Leaks

If you notice a pink, orange, or bright-green fluid coming out of your vehicle, it's a sign that it may have a coolant leak. The coolant, commonly known as antifreeze, is used in the car's radiator to prevent it from freezing over during cold weather.

While leaking antifreeze may be acceptable in older cars, modern vehicles have features to help prevent these leaks. You should seek assistance if you notice coolant leaks under your automobile.

Gear Fluid Leaks

A thick glob oozing from your car may be a sign of a gear oil leak. Gear oil leaks happen because of damage to the gaskets or vehicle's transmission. The slow-moving fluid often sticks to the side of the car instead of flowing outward.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

If you see a red-purplish or pick stain or puddle below your car, it may be due to leaking transmission fluid. Under such circumstances, you should seek professional help immediately to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Wiper Fluid Leaks

Your vehicle may be leaking wiper fluid if you notice pink or bright-blue stains or puddles below it. Leaks often happen if the wiper tubes are damaged.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid has a bright color, and its smell resembles fish oil. If it leaks, your vehicle will have trouble reducing speed or coming to a stop altogether, which can be life-threatening.

With that in mind, if you need car fluid leak repair, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to Complete Car Care Encinitas today!

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