Warning Signs of an Aging Timing Belt

The timing belt is the part of your car's engine that rotates the crankshaft and camshaft in sync and ensures that every cylinder fires when it is supposed to. It is made of nylon-reinforced cords encased in high-quality rubber. However, it is exposed to high forces inside the engine that wear it out. Here are signs that the timing belt requires replacement.

The Engine Makes Ticking Noise

Manufacturers attach the timing belt to a series of pulleys that leads to the crankshaft. The crankshaft powers connecting rods while the camshaft manages the cylinder head valves. If the belt wears out, it starts to create a repeated ticking noise inside the motor. While the sound can also be a sign that the engine does not have enough lubrication, it is usually a symptom of an aging timing belt.

The Engine Does Not Turn On

If you hear a starter motor engage when you turn the ignition key, but the engine does not roar to life, the timing belt could be the culprit. Since the timing belt turns both cam and crankshaft, the engine does not turn on if these two are not engaged by the timing belt

Engine Misfires

As said earlier, the timing belt ensures that valves are opened in a sequence. This ensures a consistent firing rate. However, worn out timing belts may slip along the engine's camshaft and put the valves out of sequence. This leads to piston malfunction and engine misfiring. You may also notice poor fuel efficiency and engine performance. It results from several cylinders firing when they are not supposed to and consuming lots of fuel as a result.

Oil Leak on the Front Side

The timing belt is held in place by a cover. If the belt is cracked, you will notice that oil seeps through the cover. Besides, the bolts and nuts that hold it in place also come loose over time. The oil loss can lead to wearing out of the gasket between the timing belt cover and the engine block.

As soon as you see any of these signs, visit our auto shop to have the vehicle checked. If the timing belt is the problem, we will replace it fast to resolve the issues.

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