What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Hybrid Vehicle?

What makes a hybrid vehicle a hybrid is that it is part electric motor, part gas engine. Hybrid cars used to be a high-tech concept many decades ago, but as everyone is normalizing the use of full-on electric vehicles, it no longer gets the 'oohs' and 'ahs'. Whether due to an increase in consumer preferences for eco-friendly options or a general motive to save money on gas, hybrids have become a regular thing. Today, we'll go over the pros and cons of owning one of these vehicles. Do you really get the best of both worlds?


  • Environmentally Friendly - One of the primary reasons people switch to hybrid vehicles is that they run cleaner and have higher gas efficiency than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • Excellent MPGs - An attractive aspect of the hybrid is its fuel efficiency compared to its counterpart. Let's compare the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid vs. the 2020 Non-Hybrid in MPGs. The hybrid model gets up to 51 mpg in the city and up to 53 mpg on the highway. In contrast, the non-hybrid Camry gets up to 29 mpg in the city and about 40 mpg on the highway, which is still pretty good, just not hybrid good.
  • Regenerative Braking System -  The electric engine recharges the vehicle when braking and turns off the gas-powered engine when stopped. This mechanism is especially beneficial to those who do a lot of city driving, so city MPGs are just as good as highway MPGs in hybrids.
  • Tax Breaks - To promote hybrid vehicles, the government has passed several credits and incentives for those wishing to switch to an alternative type of vehicle. They are also subject to considerably fewer tax expenses annually in addition to saving money on gas.


  • Higher MSRP - There's no question that hybrids are more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts. However, the extra MSRP can usually be justified by the cost you save at the gas pump.
  • A Tighter Squeeze - Another drawback to hybrids is that they offer less cargo space due to the size of the battery. 
  • Less Power - If you are the type of person who wants high speed, acceleration, and horsepower, then a hybrid may not be for you. Hybrid cars use two independent engines, which means they aren't as big and mighty as gas-powered vehicles.

These are just a few things to consider if you are thinking about switching to a different type of vehicle. At Complete Car Care Encinitas, we serve a wide range of vehicle makes, including hybrids. For all your car care needs, please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit today!

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