What is a car emissions test?

Depending on your local driving laws, you may be required to have an emission test performed on your vehicle periodically. In some areas, this is needed annually or every two years. Whether or not you need this performed can also depend upon the age and make and model of your vehicle. So, why are car emissions tests important?

Standard gas vehicles have engines that emit harmful gasses. The catalytic converter helps to convert those gasses as they are processed through the exhaust system. An emissions test makes sure that your vehicle's exhaust system is working properly so that your vehicle's emissions are not as harmful to the environment.

In order for your vehicle to pass an emissions test, it needs to meet the standards put in place when it comes to the number of harmful gasses that are released. Typically, if your vehicle has a check engine light on, your car will not pass emissions. Here are a few other reasons why your car may not pass an emissions test:

  • The oxygen sensor is faulty
  • You have a clogged or failing catalytic converter
  • You haven't changed your engine oil in ages
  • The fuel/air mixture is too rich
  • You have clogged fuel injectors
  • Your spark plugs are faulty
  • The gas cap is loose or broken
  • The air filter is dirty

These are some of the most common reasons for why your vehicle is not passing its emissions test. If your car doesn't pass, it will require repairs in order for it to eventually pass, or else your car will not be able to be registered. Driving without proper registration is illegal, and can lead you straight to a ticket. Plus, driving a car that doesn't pass emissions can be a risk to your own health and safety, especially if you are breathing in harmful gasses while in your car's cabin.

If your car is due for an emissions test or smog test, bring your vehicle to Complete Car Care Encinitas today! If your car doesn't pass, rest assured we can provide the services needed to get your vehicle to pass.

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