What is a Cooling System Flush?

The cooling system in your vehicle is a very important group of working components. The job of this system is to essential keep your engine cool and working at an optimum temperature to protect your engine parts and ensure a smooth ride. In order to do this, the cooling system will circulate coolant throughout the engine to lubricate parts and act as a heat barrier to control the engine's temperature. If you've ever opened up your car's hood and stuck your hand in there, you've probably noticed just how dirty it is in there. You can imagine how much dirt and grime liquid flowing through the engine would pick up daily, and this is why a cooling system flush is an important service. 

Over time, the coolant will become dirty which will affect its overall efficiency for both cleaning and lubricating parts. The engine can be costly repair, so protecting this major car part at all costs is vital to your safety and, lets face it, your wallet. A cooling system flush will drain the old coolant, clean the entire system, and put back in fresh, new coolant. If you are unsure of how often your vehicle needs a cooling system flush, your vehicle's factory recommended service schedule will outline the most efficient interval for your make and model. 

What are some signs that you may need a cooling system flush? Well, the most obvious sign of cooling system issues in general is an overheating engine. If you notice that your engine temperature warning light is on or the temperature gauge is very high, we recommend turning off your engine immediately to prevent damage from occurring. Then, get your vehicle into Complete Car Care Encinitas as soon as possible for an inspection. The issue could stem from low coolant, a coolant leak, or a faulty component in the system. Our experts will get to the bottom of the issue and ensure that you get back on the road with a properly working vehicle. 

When you need a cooling system flush in Encintas CA, give us a call here at our shop or schedule your next appointment online today! 

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