What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

When the ravages of time catch up with your car when you skip numerous maintenance processes, you will learn what transmission rebuild means from your mechanic when explaining the cost of repairs.

A qualified mechanical professional explains your options of repairs or replacement of the transmission after finding it is the root of your vehicle troubles after identifying the transmission as the culprit.

Notably, it's wise to know what transmission rebuild entails to have a glimpse of the process your vehicle will undergo. Let's begin by describing a transmission system.

What is a Transmission?

A transmission is a vital mechanical system in your vehicle, consisting of numerous parts not limited to pumps, gears, bands, and rotors. It is responsible for powering your wheels to ensure they run smoothly on the road without possible failures.

The transmission can be manual or automatic, depending on your type of car. When one part of the transmission unit fails, you are likely to have a sudden breakdown or accident on the road.

Overview of Transmission Rebuild

Transmission Rebuild involves removing and dismantling the entire mechanical system for extensive inspections and correct diagnosis of the problem. If you are lucky, one part may fail and require straightforward repairs without a complete system rebuild.

But, if the gears, pumps, bands, or rotors that control the wheels are worn out or dirty due to a lack of tune-ups and cleaning, the mechanic might recommend a new transmission unit.

After dismantling the system, the mechanical professionals can run it through a parts washer and replace all the damaged components.

Transmission Rebuild is more advantageous than transmission replacement because of the costs involved. The process only requires replacing worn-out and failing parts, which is not the same as buying a new transmission unit that can leave a sizable dent in your pockets.

Proper and accurate repairs of the damaged components in the transmission will make your vehicle operate efficiently. You can not expect the same results if you take your car to a qualified and experienced mechanic.

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