Why is Wearing a Seat Belt So Important?

Why are seatbelts in cars in the first place? Well, driving a vehicle is risky and can be dangerous at times. Think about it - on a highway, you're traveling at speeds of around 50-70 miles per hour. Getting into an accident at that speed can be catastophic, and a seatbelt can literally save your life. Let's put it this way: hitting a wall at a speed of 50 miles per hour is like falling from the balcony of a 5th story floor. Now imagine falling from that 5th story building with a parachute - this is kind of like getting into an accident but having your seatbelt on. 

Seatbelts were created as a safety measure for vehicles because hitting another car or object at certain speeds can actually eject passengers from the vehicle. A seatbelt not only prevents you from being ejected, but it can help keep your from hitting your head on the roof of the vehicle and protects you in instances of your vehicle rolling or going upside down. Not wearing your seatbelt puts you in grave danger and increases your risk of injury or death in the instance of a car accidently immensely. 

Did you know: 

  • The national usage rate for seat belts was 89.6 percent - an 11 percent increase from 2014
  • An estimated 14,955 lives were save by seat belts nationwide in 2017
  • 2,549 additional lives would have been saved in 2017 if everyone had buckled up
  • 47 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2017 were not wearing seat belts

The next time you get into a vehicle, whether you are the driver or a passenger, never forget to put on your seatbelt and also encourage others who are in the vehicle with you to wear their seatbelt. It could be a matter between life or death. If your seatbelt is broken or doesn't work properly, give us a call here at Complete Car Care Encinitas today for assistance. 

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